Geniality and psychology in my pictures

For the fourth time, a "vernissage on the stairs" (one of them was even "on the terrace") took place with only a small variation, always in Prague on Národní 10, on the top floor of the Danube Palace. The attraction of the exhibited paintings Mgr. Rostislav Prokopjuk does not lose strength. You can watch them several times, and you are still finding something new. What is the "magic of the moment"? The pictures in their entirety impress first of all by their ambiguity. That "genius window" - "window to the psychology of humanity", you can find in each of them after a while, and more surprisingly, they will appeal to you in their clear form, then you will go your own imagination. This is also evident in the manner of design which is evident from the pictures and appears to be embossed in the pictures. Do you want to know how images are created and under what circumstances they were created? Rosťa will tell you her "author version". But the essential, the secret of each painting, remains hidden - often for the author himself. This is the essence of genius - the creation transcends its creator, and only in the next time, possibly even in other circumstances, reveals the depth of thought, confirming its importance. But only at the creative moment is it formed into a picture - at that time it is a gift that comes as if "from above", spontaneously, without hesitation, the contours are clearly outlined. And the work is done! The freedom of creative activity remains, it is enchanted in the work itself, encourages opening hidden corners and new spaces of the human psyche, and in this form it is a liberating work for everyone, it awakens humanity. Therefore, we look forward to every exhibition of Rosti Prokopjuka so we can share it genius. We perceive with him that each of us is a bit brilliant - by his imagination he is ahead of events, and in his "pictures" he meets with "child in himself", searching for and rediscovering the world. And in that imaginary world - endowed with playfulness and curiosity, he finds affection and love, freely shapes and as if he foreshadows his future, one might say - happy future in the common world. Review of the exhibition of paintings Mgr. Rostislav Prokopjuk

Prepared by: PhDr. Václav Mazal